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SullyDETHXXX [userpic]

20 Questions with Winston (PWD)

February 20th, 2006 (12:23 pm)

FROM THE PWD FANS myspace profile blog:

1: What do you think of all the hardcore/metalcore acts coming to the foreground? There are all of 'fake' hardcore acts that are just in it to be heard or be famous these days. Do you think this is a problem or you aren't really too fussed?
I think hardcore is always going to stay hardcore. no matter what happens you can't take away whats real. fakes always fade in time so it doesn't realy bother me

2: What has been the best part of being on the road? Living the dream or just the tour bus antics?
everything other than truck stop food. that shit is expensive and bad, especially if you vego. hanging with friends, being idiots, travelling, playing shows, seeing great stuff. tour is the bomb.

3: What is your take on the hardcore "groups" forming vilificating other groups? (Such as hardcore kids against emo kids etc) at shows? Have you encountered any of this at your gigs?
hahaha funny as hell, becasue it's always the kids who don't have too much of a clue. hardcore is about embracing differnece. i've seen a few "crews" that see to dislike certain other groups but it's all pretty stupid. the loudest are the always the first to go.

4: I'm in a band just starting out and we struggle to actually complete a song without fighting/getting bored and moving on to next song/arguing over which way the song should sound etc...how do u guys go about the writing process?
welcome to being in a band. so this is how we do it. let Jeff play a riff. listen to Ben say how good it is. write off Jeff's riffs and burn his small staure. realise it's actaully a good riff and go with it. then it's gets relly fun. about now i suggest we add breakdowns everywhere which generally involves me making stupid noises of what they should sound like. i then suggest we slow everything down and put doubles under it all to make it "heaps heavy". everyone burns me. i get barred. so pretty much this happens over and over again for about 3 hours and we end up somehow getting on a roll and writing something. it's tough but just have fun. somedays we can't write anything and i end up hating all our songs then other days it's really easy and everything just goes smooth.

5: What is "Gimme A D" about?
fashion. i'm not talking about within the "scene" although we'll get to all that. the idea of fashion is one of the stupidest things on earth. it offers nothing to society and yet takes so much. unrealic body images, social segregation, depression, sickness, slave labour. you name it and fashion will dish it out.

6: What is "Anasasis (Xenophontis)" about?
one of my best friends when i was a kid was part of a VERY religious church. it ruled his family's life. i went a few times to see what it was like and looking back now it was pretty heavy stuff, almost cultish. anyway when he grew up and started seeing the world for what it was he got fucked up. it ruined him. they promised him the world and nothing happened.

7. What is "Pandora" about?
watch "on the beach" and you'll understand how stupid we as "the smartest creatures on the planet" are.

8. What is "Romance Is Dead" about? (this one might be obvious though from the tile - i think)
songs about heartache are all well and good, but taking advantage of teenage insecurities with songs regarding self harm is shit. it doesn't help anything. the rate of youth suicide in Australia is one of the largest in the world. think about it.

9. What is "Guns For Show..." about?
the scene. letting clothes replace sincerity and heart.

10.What is "Blackout" about?
me freaking out about life and how i'm not going anywhere. ever.

11. What is "Picture Perfect, Pathetic" about?
selling yourself short and fucking with your heart to gain acceptance. have some self respect. this is NOT just about girls.

12. What is "It's Hard To Speak..." about?
i hate certain people. it's not that i would like them dead, i would just like them to not exist anymore.

13. what is "Muntiny" about?
shit talking. shut your mouth and open you mind. everyone's different. that's what's great about this scene. we're all fuck ups. if we let petty bullshit tear us apart then we may as well quit right now.

14. What is "Smoke 'Em..." about?
war an manipulation. companies profiting from the desensitisation of slaughter. war is not cool or nice.

15. What is "A Cold Day in Hell" about?
once again, the clothes do not maketh the man.

16. Do you have idea when the video for "Smoke 'Em..." will be up? Who directed it? Can you tell us a little about the concept of the video?
The clip should be out soon. it was direced by Patrick in Perth. the concept we used was a depiction of control. watch it and freak out.

17. If PWD could cover any song by any band/artist what and who by? and how would you change it change it from the orginal?
Bad Religion or AC/DC. you can't really improve on either of those. oh yeah and Johnny Cash, man i'd love to cover a Cash song

18. What are 5 albums you cannot live without?
The Cure - on the beach
Bad Religion - Suffer
Hatebreed - Satisfaction is the Death of Desire
Johnny Cash - America IV
Eyes Upon Seperation - I hope she's having Nightmares

19. If you could get a singer/musician (living or dead) to make a guest apparance on a PWD album, who would you pick and why?
Johnny Cash, he's the man in black, a fuck up and a genius.

20. Any closing comments?
support all ages hardcore shows, support local hardcore shows, start a band, do a zine, sing along, stage dive and mosh, have some fucking fun and start some shit. oh yeah and think. read some books and gain some knowledge.